Grey tree

Field F1 with a cosmetic effect

7 9
1 3

The four corners of the world map are clickable once hextiles close enough to them are revealed. Each one has a numeric value, as though they were numbers on the numeric keypad (shown to left). If a specific series of values is entered, a secret, usually cosmetic, enhancement is enabled. These features also work on Vision Fields, with the exception of the Gift Gems feature.

Code ListEdit

Code Description
11319773 Black Orb
11331791 Grey Trees (finish a level with this mod for an achievement)
11379197 Mossy towers
11799397 Dark monsters
13371337 Spinning tower shots
77311973 Gift gems (level 1 gem at start; always selected from the field's original available gem types)
77919713 Heavy rain
79797919 Heavy snow
97713791 Mossy amplifiers
Mods reset
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