Amplifiers are support structures powered by gems. They boost gem components, damage, and fire rate of nearby towers and traps. The stronger the gem, the stronger the boost. Higher gem grades focus on damage and fire rate while component combos focus more on component boosts.

Labyrinth Edit

In Labyrinth, amplifiers only boost towers and traps. The more structures each amplifier boosts, the less each structure is boosted.

A popular setup with amplifiers established here includes 1 tower surrounded by 8 amplifiers. Another is a trap with a mana gain gem surrounded by as many amplifiers as possible.

Chasing Shadows Edit

In Chasing Shadows, amplifiers fulfill the same role they did in Labyrinth. They can also reduce banishment cost if placed near orbs. It is said that they can boost both the orb and other nearby structures without losing power.

Unlocking the ability to build amplifiers comes after completing field J4.