Apparitions are white, flying spirits that fly through the map on a curved path. They're harmless and offer rewards upon kill. They also appear randomly on the field.

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

They drop 3 skill points and increase their health every time they're killed.

Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing ShadowsEdit

They first appear in Field F4. Upon killing it, they drop shadow cores, mana and EXP. They're announced by a little black bar that pops-up across the screen and its accompanying noise at the launch of the waves preceding its appearance.

Tips Edit

  • The correct shrine needs to be chosen and aimed correctly to kill it by shrine.
  • If a shadow with high HP is met, yellow gems in Gemcraft Labyrinth and yellow-black gems in Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows are best against them.
    • Additionally, if multiple shadows are present on the field simultaneously, kill them first.
  • It's best to use a Beam enchantment spell to kill an Apparition in Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows.
  • Apparitions can be killed by towers, spells, and shrines.
  • If an Apparition is still on the field after all preceding waves have been beaten, then the player can kill it or wait until it flies away.


  • After killing a high number of apparitions, they become nearly impossible to kill in Gemcraft Labyrinth at low waves.
  • Apparitions are easier to kill in GC2: CS.
  • In Gemcraft Labyrinth, they're black.
  • Apparitions have the max mana limit (99999).

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