Arcane Guardians are bosses from Gemcraft Chapter 0, who are tasked with defending the Gem of Eternity. Arcane Guardians are the spirits of ancient wizards who were summoned from the World Beyond.

Guardian Battle Edit

The first way of encountering an Arcane Guardian is to enter a Guardian Battle on Level 16, 33, 48, 63 or 77. After destroying all Arcane Locks and killing every other monster, the Arcane Guardian will appear and start making his way to the Wizard Tower, along with a few Arcane Minions. Killing the Arcane Minions weakens the armor level of Arcane Guardian, so they should be prioritized first. Both Arcane Minions and Guardians cost a lot of mana to banish.

Depending on the level, the Arcane Guardian will have one or more status effect resistances. Possible resistances are Slow, Poison and Shock.

Arcane Battle Mode Edit

The second way is to play a normal level in Arcane mode. After defeating every wave, an Arcane guardian will spawn. This Arcane Guardian comes without any Arcane Minions, status effect resistances, and has way less HP and Armor.

GemCraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows Edit

Arcane Guardians also appear in the Steam-exclusive version of GemCraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows, in Vision Fields V19, V20, V21, V22, and V23. Unlike the Arcane Guardians in Gemcraft Chapter 0, the Arcane Guardians in the Steam version of Gemcraft Chapter 2 have a significantly higher amount of hit points (starting at 60,000 HP), armor level, and appear in greater numbers (at least 4 at a time). Additionally, the Arcane Guardians in Gemcraft Chapter 2 do not appear with any Arcane Minions, and these Arcane Guardians cannot be banished, as they destroy the Orb of Presence on contact.


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