Overview Edit

Battle Traits are a returning feature from Chasing Shadows. They make the battle more challenging and add 10% XP multiplier for every trait level.

Traits in Frostborn Wrath have 12 levels instead of the 7 (or 10 in the case of Hatred) they had in Chasing Shadows and there is a total of 15 traits, up from the 9 in Chasing Shadows. Orblets is no longer a trait and orblets are instead given by rasing the orb of presence skill instead of being given by a trait. Just like the Steam release of Chasing Shadows, traits don't cost shadow cores to activate.

New traits are unlocked from certain unopened Wizard Stashes.

List of Battle Traits Edit

The following assumes n being the trait level set.

Overcrowd Edit

  • Stash Location: V1 Journey
  • Effect: Increases the number of monsters by (10% * n) in each wave.

Haste Edit

  • Stash Location: S2 Endurance
  • Effect: Wave stones move (8% * n) faster.

Adaptive Carapace Edit

  • Stash Location: R3 Endurance
  • Effect: Monsters gets (0.5% * n) damage reduction per hit, capped at (5% * n).

Swarmling Parasites Edit

  • Stash Location: T4 Endurance
  • Effect: Killed monsters spawns 2 spawnlings, with each spawnling having (30% * n) of monster's max HP.

Awakening Edit

  • Stash Location: I2 Journey
  • Effect: Monsters have (0.7% * n) wave HP increment

Dark Masonry Edit

  • Stash Location: K1 Endurance
  • Effect: Spawns (1+n) beacons every 10 waves, while also makes all hostile structures (beacons, nests, barricades, etc.) having (200% * n) more HP.

Swarmling Domination Edit

  • Stash Location: Y1 Endurance
  • Effect: Converts (3*n)% of reaver waves into a wave of swarmlings, and gives swarmlings +(4% * n) speed and -(7% * n) debuff duration reduction (such as slow, bleeding).

Giants Domination Edit

  • Stash Location: P4 Endurance
  • Effect: Converts (3*n)% of reaver waves into a wave of giants, and gives giants +(40% * n) armor and +(50% * n) HP.

Thick Air Edit

  • Stash Location: H3 Journey
  • Effect: Enemies take maximum (1/(2*n)) max HP of damage.

Corrupted Banishment Edit

  • Stash Location: O2 Endurance
  • Effect: Banished enemies gets (30% * n) increased HP, +(30 * n^2) armor, and n shields.

Vital Link Edit

  • Stash Location: J4 Journey
  • Effect: Enemies enter battlefield with (10% * n) increased HP based on enemies waiting to enter the battlefield (final value is 10% * n * waiting).

Hatred Edit

  • Stash Location: H3 Journey
  • Effect: Increases enemy HP by (100% * 1.5 ^ n)

Strength in Numbers Edit

  • Stash Location: F2 Journey
  • Effect: Enemies have indestructible armor based on the amount of enemies in the battlefield (+ 4 * n * monsters on field).

Ritual Edit

  • Stash Location: D1 Endurance
  • Effect: n+1 flying ones will appear during battle.

Insulation Edit

  • Stash Location: Z1 Journey
  • Effect: Enemies spawn with n shields.
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