Hextiles are a new Design feature of Gemcraft Chasing Shadows. There are 24 Hextiles, 23 of which have Playable Levels. There are 144 Normal Fields and 4 Vision Fields Across the Map and 3 Different Difficulties to play on as well as Hidden Fields that can be unlocked through Achievements. (X hextile has the final story level and S hextile is where Spiritforge is Located). There are 10 Wizard Tower Fields and 20 Tomb Chamber Fields.

Hextile AHextile BHextile CHextile DHextile EHextile FHextile GHextile HHextile IHextile JHextile KHextile LHextile MHextile NHextile OHextile PHextile QHextile RHextile S - SpiritforgeHextile THextile UHextile WHextile XHextile YSmall Hextile Map Suminoma

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