Field D4 Map

Field D4 Map

Field D4 is available after completing Field D3 in Gemcraft Labyrinth. It is a crafting pylon level, and the first time the player fights the Grand Shadow. The Gem types available are Chain Hit, Poison, Slow, and Armor Tearing.

Starting OutEdit

On the FieldEdit

  • 6 Mana Shards (9,000 Mana each)
  • 1 Crafting Pylon (25,000 HP)
  • 1 Magic Orb

Enemy structuresEdit

There are no enemy structures on this field.


The waves keep coming until the crafting pylon is fully charged. Since they are endless, no list shall be made.

The Grand ShadowEdit

The Shadow

The Grand Shadow in Field D4

The Grand Shadow is a very powerful minion of the Forgotten and is fought after the Crafting Pylon is charged. He attacks the player to try to stop him from creating another Gem of Eternity. Unlike other monsters, the Shadow has a shield that will replenish when it is not being attacked. The Shadow will also send monsters with increased stats at your orb.

Grand Shadow StatsEdit

  • 405,634 HP
  • 900 Shield
  • 900 Armor

Chronicle PagesEdit

Field D4 Chronicle Page 1

After defeating the Grand Shadow, the wizard realizes how he would've died if the mana shards had not been there. He begins to think that this was planned, in case there was an attack here. He continues on toward the center.


After defeating Field D4, your path continues to Field D5.

Wild GemEdit

The wild gem type in this level is cyan-orange-purple.


  • There is a bug in this level in which the Grand Shadow may sometimes spawn black-armored monsters directly on top of the orb, early in the battle. So far, this bug has been observed in only the non-premium version.

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