Field G7 Map

Field G7 Map

Field G7 is available after completing Field H7 in Gemcraft Labyrinth. It is the fifth crafting pylon level and the last level in Gemcraft Labyrinth. Unlike other crafting pylon levels, there are 4 crafting pylons in this level. When all four are fully charged, a new Gem of Eternity is made. All Gem types are available in this level.

Starting OutEdit

On the FieldEdit

  • 4 Crafting Pylons (12,000 HP each)
  • 1 Magic Orb


There are no enemy structures on this field.


Like all Crafting Pylon levels, the waves are endless until all the pylons have been charged. Since it is like Endurance mode, no list will be made.


Field G7 is the last level in Gemcraft Labyrinth, so no more fields will be unlocked.

Chronicle PagesEdit

When the new Gem of Eternity is made, the Forgotten attempts to destroy you again until the Gem attacks it and sends it fleeing. The wizard discovers a note that explains a little of the history of the Gem of Eternity and how the Forgotten escaped. He is ordered to bring the Gem to the Spiritforge before the Forgotten can corrupt it to generate an infinite army of Shadows.

Wild GemEdit

The Wild Gem type in this level is green-yellow-orange.

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