Field J10 Map

Field J10 Map

Field J10 is available after completing Field J9 in Gemcraft Labyrinth. It is the second of five crafting pylon. You must be Wizard level 30 to enter this field. Available gem types are Poison, Armor Tearing, Shock and Bloodbound.

Starting OutEdit

On the FieldEdit

  • 1 Magic Orb
  • 1 Crafting Pylon (15,000 HP)


No enemy structures are on this field.


The Waves do not stop coming until the Crafting Pylon is fully charged. Since it is like Endurance mode, no chart for waves will be made. However, starting around Wave 15, you feel the presence of The Forgotten trying to stop you from proceeding. The screen turns black every time the next wave starts until Wave 19. The Forgotten then makes Waves 20 to 27 have summoned effects. They have more monsters, more hit points, etc.


After you defeat Field J10, your path continues toward Field K10.

Chronicle PagesEdit

The Wizard senses the presesnce of the spirit, who doesn't want him to go on. He knows that he must and continues his journey to the center of the maze.

Wild GemEdit

The wild gem type in this level is blue-green-red.

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