Field J4 Map

Field J4 Map

Field J4 is available after completing Field K4 in Gemcraft Labyrinth. It is the third crafting pylon level, and introduces the Shadow. The waves are endless in this level. The Gem types available are Multiple Damage, Mana Gain, Shock, and Slow.

Starting OutEdit

On the FieldEdit

  • 3 Towers
  • 1 Crafting Pylon (20,000 HP)
  • 1 Magic Orb


No enemy structures are on this field.


The waves are endless until the crafting pylon is charged, so no list shall be posted.


After you defeat Field J4, your path continues toward Field I4.

Chronicle PagesEdit

When you defeat Field J4, you see the Shadow, a minion of the Forgotten, rise out of the lake and fly away. The wizard now realizes that the Forgotten is out there and after him. He realizes that the Shadow had escaped from the demon tomb that he saw on Field A12. After that, you continue your path to Field I4.

Wild GemEdit

The Wild Gem type in this level is yellow-red-blue.

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