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[ Why GemCraft 2 will not use the new Stage3D API]
[ Why GemCraft 2 will not use the new Stage3D API]

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This is a list containing the previous gameinabottle blog posts.

GC2:CS – Last post before summer

GC2:CS – Sparks in action

GC2:CS – Shrines in action

GC2:CS – Various updates

GC2:CS – XP system & outcome panel update

GC2:CS – Special fields insight

GC2:CS – Talisman

Another delay of 2 weeks

GC2:CS – Shadows + GCL is 2 years old

GC2:CS – Spells update

GC2:CS – Achievements

GC2:CS – Monsters update

GC2:CS – Skills

GC2:CS – Skills

GC2:CS – Weather

GC2:CS – World map

GC2:CS features – XP system, battle outcome panel

GC2:CS features – Battle modes

GC2:CS features – Breakables, drops

GC2:CS features – Revisiting previous topics II

GC2:CS features – Tombs

GemCraft Labyrinth update v.1.22

GC2: CS features- Shards, beacons

GC2: CS features- Shrines

Gemcraft Labyrinth update v.1.21

GC2: CS features- Strike spells

Gemcraft Labyrinth update v.1.20

GC2: CS features- Updates and more insight

GC2: CS features- sparks, monsters

GC2: CS features- Gems

GC2:CS features- battle frame, battlefield grid, buildable buildings

GC2:CS development status update

GemCraft 2 first screenshot + Happy Holidays

Why GemCraft 2 will not use the new Stage3D API

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