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Skills in Gemcraft 2

The following is a list of skills in Gemcraft 2: Chasing Shadows. There are 25 skills. To unlock one, its corresponding Tome Chamber must be opened. Each skill gives two effects. The first increases with each level and the second increases every third level.

Upgrading a skill costs skill points. However, for every unspent skill point, initial mana increases by 7. More of it is needed to create strong gems strong to survive harder starting waves, so it is not always wise to spend all points on skills.

Upgrading a skill to level 1 costs 1 point, 2 points for level 2, and so on. The required total to go to a given skill level is: (n² + n) / 2, where n is the next skill level.

Crafting, spell, and bomb skills can be upgraded up to level 45, plus extra levels gained from bonuses from talisman fragments and the +10 level for Wake of Eternity by beating Field Y6.


  • Leveling-up: 7/level
  • Achievements: 660
  • Resetting achievements: 120
    • All gained previously will have to be re-earned.
  • Beating non-vision fields on higher difficulties: 3 (Glaring), 6 (Haunting).
    • 3 from Glaring whether the field has been beaten it on Glaring beforehand completing it on Haunting for a total of 9 points.
  • Vision Field completions (x13): 234 (299 in Steam)
  • v1.1.14/v1.0.4 (Steam): Purchasing using Shadow Cores.
    • The first costs 1000 cores, and increases by 100 for each skill point purchased (cost(n) = 1000 + (n - 1) * 100)


Skills written in Bold have no skill caps.

All other skills are capped at 45. However, it's possible to have skill levels up to 60 on capped skills with talisman fragments. Wake of Eternity can have a skill cap of 70 with the right fragments after beating Field Y6.

True Colors Mana Stream Fusion Masonry Resonance
Bolt Mana Leech Critical Hit PoolBound Freeze
Beam Chain Hit Poison Suppressing Curse
Barrage BloodBound Slow Armor Tearing Wake of Eternity
Amplifiers Ignition Fury Demolition Traps


Name Type Requirement Location Primary Effect Secondary Effect
True Colors Might Kill 81 frozen monsters within 6 Field M1 +3% pure gem damage/specials multiplier +10% dual, triple, and quad gem damage/specials multiplier
Mana Stream Crafting N/A Start +4% mana/monster kill -4% lower mana pool milestones
Fusion Crafting N/A Start -1.5% first grade gem cost -3% gem combination cost
Masonry Crafting N/A Start -8% initial building cost +5% faster gem socketing
Resonance Might Kill 17 cursed and frozen giants within 10 Field T5 +4.5% gem damage +1% gem range
Bolt Enhancement Kill 146 swarminlings within 7.1 Field I3 -1.5% recharge time +1 shot
Mana Leech Component Kill 11 frozen giants within 11 Field B5 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Critical Hit Component Kill 29 cursed giants within 7.2 Field R1 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
PoolBound Component Kill 93 cursed and frozen monsters within 6.5 Field L6 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Freeze Strike Kill 360 monsters within 8.2 Field H4 -1% recharge time +3% range
Beam Enhancement Kill 165 reavers within 9.1 Field D4 -1.5% recharge time +1 sec. beam duration
Chain Hit Component Kill 2380 monsters within 9.1 Automatic (MP)/
Field U8
+4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Poison Component Kill 120 reavers within 8.8 Field E4 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Suppressing Component Kill 102 cursed reavers within 8.8 Field Q5 +20% regeneration power +25% regeneration power for grade 7+ gems
Curse Strike Kill 790 monsters within 7.6 Field G2 -1.5% recharge time +3% range
Barrage Enhancement Kill 45 cursed and frozen reavers within 15 Field P3 -1.5% recharge time +1 barrage shells
BloodBound Component Kill 106 giants within 11.1 Field W5 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Slow Component Kill 77 frozen swarmlings within 8.2 Field K6 +4% longer duration +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Armor Tearing Component Kill 21 Giants within 9.1 Field A3 +4% more power +5% more power for grade 7+ gems
Wake of Eternity Strike Beat level Field T1†† -1% recharge time +2% range
Amplifiers Might Kill 216 cursed units within 7.3 (after G2) Field J4 +.4% range and fire speed ratio +.4% damage and special effect ratio
Ignition Bomb Kill 279 cursed swarmlings within 7.3 Field N4 +6% gem wasp sting damage +1 number of stings/wasp before vanishing
Fury Bomb Kill 193 cursed and frozen swarmlings within 7.6 Field C2 +1% EXP bonus for monsters in enraged waves -3% enraging monster HP and armor penalty
Demolition Bomb Kill 81 frozen reavers within 8.2 Field D5 +4% range and damage +1 initial demolition
Traps Might Kill 40 monsters within 7 Field F6 +5% specials multiplier bonus +3% firing speed
  • † Additionally, having this skill, regardless of level, allows use of the associated gem type, spell, or structure on any non-vision field.
  • †† +10 level boost for these skills after beating Field Y6.
  • Bold: Available with Magician's Pouch or Steam version


  • A maxed skill costs 1,035 skill points
    • For all skills maxed, other than uncapped skills, it costs 12,420 skill points.
    • With no other skill points, this would require Wizard Level 1,775.
  • Chain Hit skill can't be manually learned from skills screen without purchasing the Magician's Pouch. However, its level can still be increased with talisman fragments.
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