Level 78 Map

Level 78 Map, with the Gem of Eterniy at the center

Level 78 is the last level in Gemcraft Chapter 0. It is a long, single-pathed tunnel. To beat this level you have 2 choices of action:
  1. Gem bomb the center with 7 grade 7 gems.
  2. Defeat all 228 waves (much harder).

Many players have attempted to clear out all 228 waves; only a few have succeeded. The first person to have beaten all 228 waves on this field was Inthrees.


Use dual red-orange gems for mana and prismatic gems (all 8 colors) for damage. Clearing out the 228 waves is diffcult and takes a long time. The final wave of monsters consists of runners with 1 billion hp, and the second-to-last wave is a giant monster with 3,917,358,102 hp. To defeat these last monsters, extremely powerful gems and a good holding strategy are required. 10 gems with 100,000 max damage each appears to be the minimum. Producing such powerful gems requires a solid mana farm, good super-gemming technique, appropriately angered monsters, appropriate levels of lag, and time.

After winning the battle (destroying the seal or defeating all 228 waves), you will get the Gem of Eternity. However, removing the Gem of Eternity also removes the seal on the Forgotten, who will then come out, blacken the UI, cover the entire screen, and possess you.

Other appearancesEdit

In Gemcraft Chapter 2 (Chasing Shadows), this field appears as Vision Field V3 on Hextile C.

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