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|Topic = Poll of the Month
|Topic = Poll of the Month
How would you rate GC2?
What is your favorite gem in GC2?
5 Stars
Chain Hit (Red Gem)
4 Stars
Slowing (Blue Gem)
3 Stars
Poison (Green Gem)
2 Stars
Suppressing Healing (Cyan Gem)
1 Star
Bloodbound (Black Gem)
Poolbound (White Gem)
Mana Leeching (Orange Gem)
Critical Hit (Yellow Gem)
Armor Tearing (Purple Gem)

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Featured Skill

Ritual Skill
Ritual is one of the skills in Gemcraft Labyrinth, and is available with the Premium edition only. This skill increases the mana you have depending on the number of battle amulets that you have obtained. There are 20 skill levels, and it takes a total of 80 skill points to max out this skill. (read more...)

Featured Level

Field G10 Map
Field G10 is available after completing Field G11 in Gemcraft Labyrinth. It can be one of the easiest fields in the whole labyrinth. You can add walls to make the monsters move back and forth, almost impossible to get to your orb. This field has 12 waves. The gem types available in this field are Chain Hit and Multiple Damage. There is a Challenge Amulet in this field. (read more...)

Featured Amulet

Journey Amulet 15
Journey Amulets are one of the four types of amulets in Gemcraft Labyrinth. They are meant to be achieved over a long period of time, throughout the entire game. There are 78 Journey Amulets in Gemcraft Labyrinth. They can be achieved by building so many towers, killing so many monsters, or other, more unique challenges. (read more...)

Important News

Gemcraft Chapter 2 has been released!

Poll of the Month

What is your favorite gem in GC2?

The poll was created at 04:01 on February 1, 2015, and so far 662 people voted.


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