Hextile D

Hexile D showing its fields (D6 and D7 are not shown here)

Hextile D is unlocked by completing Field H3, on Looming. There are Tome Chambers in this hextile. One of them is located at field D4, that once opened, unlocks the Beam skill tome. There is also a tome chamber located at Field D5 that once opened, unlocks the Demolition skill tome. There are 2 secret levels on this hextile, one which is unlocked after completing the first cycle of the Mysterious Compass, D6, and one that is unlocked by beating Field D6 on Glaring difficulty. There is an vision field located in this hextile, Vision V4. There are 5 achievements in this hextile. There are 7 confirmed field. There aren't any wizard towers in this hextile.


Field Starting HP Waves Special How to Unlock Gems Avaiable Achievement(s)
D1 42 30 Beat H3 Orange, Blue, Purple Strongpoints
D2 45 36 Beat D1 Red, Blue Bare Hands
D3 48 32 Beat D1 Yellow, Green, Cyan Purist
D4 47 28 Tome Chamber (Beam) Beat D2 Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue Laying Low
D5 52 35 Tome Chamber (Demolition) Beat D5 Red, Cyan Rapid Ritual
D6 192 54 Complete first compass cycle (Mysterious Compass) All (execpt Purple, Black, Blue)
V4 24 19 Beat D5 Yellow Green
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