Hextile F

Hextile F is the first hextile that the player will receive in Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows. There are 6 fields in this hextile. These fields are F1, F2, F3, F4 (wizard tower), F5 and F6 (tome chamber). After field F4, after the wizard tower is completed, you will unlock Hextile I and Hextile E along with the tokens for fields E1 and I1.There are 7 achievements in this hextile, whilist F1 is the field that has double achievements. Each field has at least 1 achievement.

Hextile F has 6 levels. If you open the tome chamber at field F6, you will gain the Traps skill. If you open the locks and complete the waves at field F4, you will gain the Haste battle trait. The rest are normal levels. Field F1 is the starting field, the first field you'll get in Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows.

Additional Level InfoEdit

After beating field F1, the player unlocks field F2.

After beating field F2, the player unlocks the field F3.

After beating field F3, the player unlocks the field F4 and F5.

After beating field F4, the player unlocks hextiles I and E, along with fields I1 and E1, acquires haste battle trait.

After beating field F5, the player unlocks field F6.

After beating field F6 and opening up the tome chamber, the player earns the Traps skill, but no additional levels.


Field F1: Don't spends any points on skills at field F1 on Glaring difficulty ; Have 295 monsters on the battlefield at the same time on field F1.

Field F2: Create a grade 6 pure bloodbound gem at field F2 before wave 6.

Field F3: Don't have any gem higher than grade 3 at field F3 on Glaring difficulty.

Field F4. Destroy all wizard locks at field F4 before wave 2 starts.

Field F5. Don't have any gem higher than grade 2 at field F5.

Field F6. Kill an apparition at field F6.

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