Hextile G is unlocked by unlocking the locks and completing field J3, along with Hextile C.There aren't any wizard towers in this hextile.There is a tome chamber located at Field G2 that once opened, unlocks the Curse spell., This hextile has 6 fields to complete on looming to unlock, and 1 field to complete on glaring to unlock.There are only 7 confirmed fields in this hextile.There are 5 achievements in this hextile.The first field you will get is G1, that is unlocked by J3.

Hextile G overview Edit

Field No.of waves First wave hp Available gems Achievements Special
G1 35 74 yellow,green,blue Story-Related (Corrupted Mana Shard)
G2 40 64 orange,black,white Open 3 drop holders before 'wave 5. Tome Chamber (Curse)
G3 42 67 cyan,purple Build 60 walls before wave 3.
G4 45 118 yellow,red Use only slowing gems.
G5 50 70 green,blue Don't use any 'strike or gem enhancement spells.
G6 43 68 orange,red Have the swarmling domination trait set to level 7.
V16 46 42 red,orange,yellow,


Vision Field
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