Hextile L is an premium hextile that is unlocked by having the Magician's Pouch and unlocking the locks and completing the level at field K4 along with Hextile O. There is an tome chamber located at field L6, that once opened, unlocks the white, poolbound gem type. Like on some hextiles, this hextile has only five fields if you complete them all on looming, but beating L2 on glaring unlocks L5. This hextile has 5 levels that are needed to be beaten on looming to unlock, and 1 level that requires to be beaten on glaring to unlock, so from that we see that there are 6 fields on this hextile. There are 4 achievements exclusive to this hextile.


Field Overview

Field Starting HP Waves Achievements Special Avaible Gems
L1 74 42 Don't build anything. First field on hextile Yellow Purple
L2 77 30 Green Slow
L3 81 40 Don't build any towers. White Black
L4 83 50 Create a Grade 9 pure poolbound gem.

Red Green Dark B. Purple

L5 131 35 Beat 75 waves. Beat L2 on glaring to unlock

Light B. Purple

L6 94 40 Tome Chamber( Poolbound) Red

Legend: B. = blue

Additional Level InfoEdit

If you beat field L1, you will recieve the token for the field L2.

If you beat field L2, you will recieve the tokens for fields L3 and L4, if you complete it on glaring or higher you will recieve the token for field L5.

If you beat field L3, you will gain the token for field L6.

If you beat field L4, you'll gain no new field tokens

If you beat field L5, you'll gain no new field tokens.

If you open the tome chamber and complete field L6, you will gain the Poolbound gem skill tome, but no new field tokens.

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