Hextile T with its fields

Hextile T is unlocked by completing Field Q6 in Gemcraft Chapter 2 on Looming. This Hextile is unlocked along with Hextile U . There is an tome chamber located at Field T5 , that once opened unlocks the Resonance skill tome. After the player completes Field T1 , he will gain the Wake of Eternity skill tome. There is an wizard tower located at Field T6 , that once unlocked, unlocks Haunting difficulty, hextiles X and Y . The Forgotten can now blacken the whole UI after completing T6 . Hextile T has 8 confirmed fields. There are 4 achievements in this hextile. This is the only hextile that has 8 normal fields.

Fields of Hextile TEdit

Hextile T field Overview

Field Waves Starting HP Achievements Available Gems Special
T1 56 125 Don't build any towers. Green and Blue Story-Releated (Wake of Eternity)
T2 60 142 Yellow  and Red
T3 66 156 Have the Haste trait set to Level 7. Yellow and Green
T4 47 176 Orange White Cyan Purple
T5 70 170 Use only Critical Hit gems. Orange and Red Tome Chamber (Resonance)
T6 70 180 Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Wizard Tower (Haunting Difficulty)
T7 68 193 Destroy 8 beacons before Wave 15. Cyan and Blue Story-Releated
T8 75 188 Yellow Green Black Story Releated (Broken Orb Base, Corpse of a Fellow Wizard, many Apparitions)

Additional Level infoEdit

After you complete field T1, you will gain the token for field T2.

After you complete field T2, you will gain the token for field T4.

After you complete field T3, you will gain the tokens for fields T5 and T6.

After you complete field T4, you will gain the token for field T3.

After you complete field T5, and open the Tome Chamber , you will gain the Resonance skill, but no new tokens for fields.

After you complete field T6, and unlock the Wizard Tower, you will recieve Haunting difficulty, The Forgotten can blacken the WHOLE UI now, hextiles Y and X, along with the token for field T7.

After you complete field T7, you will gain the token for field T8 and X1.

After you complete field T8, you will gain no new tokens for fields.

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