Hextile W is unlocked by completing
Field O6 on looming difficulty. But to unlock W1 you need to do Field R5. This is an Magician's Pouch exclusive hextile. There is an tome chamber located at Field W5 that once opened, unlocks the Black gem, the Bloodbound skill tome. Like some other hextiles, this hextile has 5 levels that need to complete on looming to unlock, and 1 level that need to complete on glaring to unlock. There is only one achievement in this hextile. So far, we can see that there are six confirmed fields in this hextile. There aren't any wizard towers in this hextile.


Hextile W field overview

Field Starting HP Waves Special Achievements Avaible Gems
W1 114 57 Unlocked by R5. Use only chain hit gems. Orange Green Blue Purple
W2 101 56 Orange Yellow Red Purple
W3 143 77 Beat W2 on Glaring to unlock. Orange White Red Black
W4 117 72 Story- Releated Black
W5 122 72 Tome Chamber (Bloodbound) Green Cyan Black
W6 126 72 All except Cyan Red

Additional Level InfoEdit

When you complete field R5, you will unlock the token for field W1.

When you complete field W1, you will recieve the token for field W2.

When you complete field W2 on looming, you will recieve the tokens for fields W4, W5 and W6, if you complete it on glaring you will recieve the token for field W3.

When you complete fields W3, W4 and W5, you will recieve no new tokens for fields.

When you open the tome chamber at field W6, you will unlock the Black gem, the Bloodbound gem skill tome.

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