Hextile Y
is unlocked by completing and unlocking the locks on field T6, But, you need to complete field X2 to get field Y1. This is the last hextile that is playable in this game, Y6 being the last field of the game. This hextile is unlocked along with Hextile X. Y1 is the first field you'll get in this hextile. This hextile doesn't have a tome chamber or a wizard tower level, but when you complete Field Y6 you'll get a +10 free skill points for the Wake of Eternity skill. Y4 isn't unlocked by Y3, by the way its unlocked by charging the nodes at Field X5. This hextile has no achievements. If you can do Y6 on Haunting difficulty and all traits maxed except Mana Lock, you'll probably get 60+ rarity level talisman fragments. Beating Y6 on Haunting difficulty with max battle traits setting (including Hatred level 10) and using the 100 shadow core boost (multiplied by the number of Talisman fragments you plan to pick up) guarantees that all Talisman fragments obtained will be of Rarity 90-100. This hextile has got the most starting HP field, with Y6 having a starting HP of 300.


-Fields of Hextile Y-

Field Starting HP Waves Special Unlocked by
Y1 180 50 X1
Y2 195 62


Y3 210 56 Y2
Y4 230 90 X5
Y5 268 94 Y4
Y6 300 98 +10 for WoE skill Y5
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