Iron Wizard mode is a Game mode in Gemcraft 2 Chasing Shadows and exclusive to the Steam version of the game. The player must have a wizard level of 100 in order to unlock it, after which a new game on a different slot must be started to play it. In this mode, you play all levels as in the normal game but with certain modifications:

  • No XP, leveling, shadow cores, battle traits, talisman, endurance
  • Achievements don't give skill points
  • Many achievements are not possible (given the play restrictions)
  • Open tome chambers to collect skills
  • Unlocking wizard towers to gather orblets [which are heavier (slow down monsters that carry them by 65%), provide no mana gain bonus, and incur a 2% man gain penalty when taken out of the battlefield]
  • Beating a field [including vision fields] gives 5 skill points
  • Can you reach the Spiritforge?


  • There is an image bug with the orb of presence, a second, oval-like orb appears on the lower right portion of it when the orb itself appears. This is actually supposed to be the orb's shadow and is present with the normal orb as well.
  • At the beginning, you start with 5 orblets.
  • The orb and orblets are red.
  • The hextiles have a red tint.
  • While XP cannot be gained by calling early waves, mana can still be gotten this way.