Gemcraft (Chapter One) features 12 skills, one of which is only available on the website. Skill points are obtained by increasing your wizard level. Below is a list of all the skills available.

Skill Description Wizard Level
Focus More initial and maximum mana Starts out With this skill
Blood-power More mana gain per kill Level 4
Armor Saves mana when monsters reach the tower Level 7
Recharge More mana replenishment per second Level 10
Wild Gem (Grade 1 and 2) Number of basic starter gems Level 14
Forge Lower mana cost for gem creating and combing Level 19
Violent Explosions More powerful Gem Bombs Level 23
Dual Gem Mastery Boosted Stats for a gem with 2 components Level 27
Construction Lower initial and incremental cost for buildings Level 30
Wild Gems (Grade 3 and 4) Number of medium grade starter gems Level 34
Pure Gem Mastery Boosted Stats for a gem with 1 component Level 37
Wild Gems (Grade 5 and 6) Number of High Grade starter gems Level 40
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