Mana pool is a primary mechanic in all Gemcraft games, it stores all of player's mana. Increasing mana pool levels provides a bonus multiplier to all sources of mana, such as regeneration and mana from enemies themselves. In Chasing Shadows, a poolbound component increases gems powers and special based on mana pool levels, while in Frostborn Wrath, it increases damage of all gems in the battlefield as well as ones in the inventory and future created ones.

Gemcraft Games Prior to Chasing Shadows Edit

In Gemcraft Chapter 0, Chapter 1 and Labyrinth, mana pool spell increases mana cap linearly and costs mana. Repeated casts increases the cost, eventually capped at the maximum 95% of maximum mana.

Gemcraft Chasing Shadows and Frostborn Wrath Edit

In Gemcraft Chasing Shadows and Frostborn Wrath, mana pool spell is reworked entirely. Instead, maxing out the mana pool increases the mana pool level. The amount of mana required to reach the next level increases by a set multiplier. By raising the Mana Stream skill, the multiplier that increases the required mana decreases, allowing players to easily reach higher mana pool levels requiring less mana.

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