Monster Beacons are a game feature that were first introduced in Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity). Monster Beacons provide a variety of powers that aid monsters, such as speed boosts and healing.

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

Monster Beacons were first introduced in Gemcraft Chapter 0. The only way to destroy a beacon in this game is by dropping a gem bomb on it. The gem bomb must be Grade 3 or higher.

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

In Gemcraft Labyrinth, Monster Beacons could also be destroyed by gems in towers. All monster beacons in the same field have the same health.

Types of Beacons

  • Shield Beacon (Gives all nearby monsters temporary invulnerability)
  • Speed Beacon (Gives all nearby monsters a permanent, stackable speed bonus)
  • Healer Beacon (Heals all nearby monsters)
  • Wiper Beacon (Removes all negative effect from nearby monsters)
  • Binding Beacon (Affected monsters do not give mana when killed)

Field D12 has 4 Speed Beacons. It is the first field to introduce Monster Beacons.

Field L12 has 4 Beacons: 1 Shield Beacon, 1 Wiper Beacon, 1 Binding Beacon, 1 Speed Beacon.

Field M6 has 4 Beacons: 1 Shield Beacon, 1 Speed Beacon, 1 Wiper Beacon, 1 Binding Beacon.

Field H1 has the highest number of Beacons with 10 Beacons: 6 Healer Beacons and 4 Wiper Beacons.

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

In Gemcraft Chapter 2, Monster Beacons can have a varying health, armor, range and pulse reload time and, unlike in Gemcraft Labyrinth, give experience. In addition to starting on the field, beacons can appear during the fight in 3 ways:

1. By activating the battle trait "Beacon Storm", a beacon will appear on the field every 3rd wave. (However, this trait is no longer available in newer versions, substituted by Hatred)

2. When enraging waves (with gem bomb summons), every 5th summon will cause an additional beacon to spawn with that wave.

3: Monsters with the Beacon Mark will spawn a beacon somewhere on the field at random when killed. (The Beacon Mark is generally restricted to Giants.)

Beacons can only appear if there's a non-path space left on the field.

Types of Beacons

  • Healer Beacon (Restores 5% of max HP to all monsters in range)
  • Cleansing Beacon (Removes frozen, cursed, slowed and poisoned from all monsters in range)
  • Haste Beacon (Increases speed by 10% for all monsters in range)
  • Shield Beacon (Adds one layer of shield per pulse to all monsters in range)
  • Protection Beacon (Reduces damage done by 75% to all adjacent beacons)
  • Static Beacon (Prevents walls, towers and amplifiers from being built in an area around it)
  • Discharging Beacon (Periodically unsockets all gems in range, temporarily)