The Mysterious compass is a field item in GemCraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows, where the compass has to be turned a certain number of times, depending on the starting position, to unlock the Magician's Pouch.

There are seven of them scattered around the map, which are the following fields:

These fields have a compass symbol at the bottom left corner. The player can change the direction each one is pointing by clicking on it. There is also an achievement called "What Secret Are You Hiding?", completed after spinning one of the compasses all the way around. Once all cycles have been completed, the compass symbols and loading screen icons will no longer appear.


Loading Screen

When entering a compass level, the loading screen will display the current compass positions on all compass levels.


Starting positions for each compass are random. The gem level displayed on the loading screen shows how far away from the correct position the compass currently is, but not the direction. The reward will drop after setting the final compass to the correct position.


Since the gem grades just tell how many compass positions (left or right) remain until the correct orientation is reached, there's no definite way to tell which direction the needle has to be turned. If unable to get it on the first try, it's easy to get it on the second by following presented in the next section.

Enter the level, click the compass the appropriate number of times, then return to the map. It'll then show a level 5 gem (correct position), or a different leveled gem. If the second outcome happens, click the number of times indicated in the last column and the correct compass setting should be set. If a mistake is made, simply try again, using the new gem shape as a baseline. The goal is to get all the gems to grade 5 and then beat the field containing the last compass changed.

First Try

Gem Shape/Grade Click(s)
"U" (grade 4) 1
Square 2
Triangle/Arrow (grade 2) 3
Droplet 4

Second Try

Shape and Grade Click(s)
Square (grade 3) 6
Droplet (grade 1) 4
Square 2
"X" (grade 5) N/A


Each time all the compasses have been set correctly and beat its corresponding level, the following rewards will be received in order:

  1. Fields D6 and H6: Talisman fragment (34)
  2. Fields N7 and P6: 2 talisman fragments (42, 58)
  3. Fields Q7 and X6: 2 talisman fragments (65, 73)

After the final reward, loading screens return to normal and the compasses no longer have an effect on the game. On Iron Wizard mode, only the field drops are received.



Loading screen with brightness or gamma increased.

  • Each gem corresponds to the position of the compass in a given level. 
    • Turning the gamma or brightness up on the screen may help the symbol's visibility. This can be done on some monitors' menus by using hot keys on most laptops or video drivers.
  • Using the "Restart Level" button is best, rather than returning to the map and re-entering to quickly see the loading screen.
  • The order of the gems on the loading screen corresponds to the column of hextiles that the compass is in.
    • If the player needs to change the third icon and don't want to look up which one that corresponds to, they scan down the third column of hextiles until they see the icon at J2.
    • The gems on the screen are ordered alphabetically.


  • Field E3 is the easiest and quickest field to win.
  • In order to access field C2 in the original version of the game, Magician's Pouch needs to be purchased.
    • If the player hasn't, they can still get lucky and have C2's compass in the correct position for a few cycles.
    • C2 is always accessible in the Steam version of the game.
  • In previous versions of the game, some rewards were lost if the player failed to complete the level.
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