Orange Gems are one of the nine gems in the Gemcraft Series. The special ability of this gem is Mana Gain or Mana Gathering/Mana Leeching,which will allow to get extra mana from the monsters you hit. This allows you to have more mana to banish the monsters to prevent the orb from exploding,building structures and Modifying and creating gems.

Effects Edit

Towers Edit

Orange gems give bonus mana for every hit.

Traps Edit

When in traps, Orange gems give increased mana per hit.

Strategies Edit

Towers Edit

Put orange towers near the start to hit the highest amount of monsters possible. Using a trap, combine a (minimum) Grade 5 orange gem with a Grade 5 red gem for a multi-hit mana farming strategy. Continue adding orange and red gems until it reaches a firing speed of over 700 and a mana sap of over 10 (hiting 6 targets at a time for 60 mana per hit). At this point, the target will yield over 600 mana a second. If this is achieved prior to wave 40, drop up to 15 grade 6 gems in anger on each wave, bringing their hp up to around 80,000. Once they are killed, you'll clear about 900,000,000 in points and level up enough to maximize every skill.

To accomplish the above, it is necessary to have dual gems at full value, orange and red gems at full value, gem combining at full value, and it helps to have starting mana at full value.

Traps Edit

Put the orange traps before your towers. In levels where there is only one entrance, line traps right in front of the building. If there are multiple entrances, place orange traps in the squares after the paths converge.

Use this strategy in the following levels:

I.Gemcraft Labyrinth:


Field G10


Field B9

Field B8

Field C7

Field H11

Field K12

Field J11


Field L9

Field M7

Field M2


Gemcraft Gems

Gemcraft Chapter 1Edit

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

  • The orange gem maxes out at 12 mana per hit.

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

All Orange Gems Gemcraft Labyrinth

All 12 Grades of the Orange Gem in Gemcraft Labyrinth

The Orange gem's Power name is renamed into Mana Gathering.

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

In Gemcraft Chapter 2,Orange gems renamed their power as Mana leeching.

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