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Saucer Arena was game made by Game in a Bottle in 2008. There is currently no sequel to Saucer Arena.


In Saucer Arena you are a flying saucer. The Order of Red Saucers Challenges you to fight in the arena. Your flying saucer is equipped with a recharging plasma shield. If it depletes, your hull takes damage directly.You are given 3 special abilities to use. Earn money by destroying units, which you can use to purchase upgrades.

There are three difficulty levels, easy/medium/hard. Saucer Arena has 36 waves.

Upgrades Edit

There are 11 upgrade paths:

  1. upgrade hull armor
  2. shield power
  3. engines
  4. laser damage
  5. laser speed
  6. laser range
  7. heat sink
  8. EMP shock duration
  9. force field duration
  10. thunderbolt damage
  11. firing speed
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