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* Spell preparation
* Spell preparation
* Wasp filled shells
* Wasp filled shells
* Grey trees
* Gray trees
* Heavy Weather
* Heavy Weather
* Deep learning gems
* Deep learning gems

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Secret mods is a mechanic in Gemcraft Frostborn Wrath unlocked by solving in-game puzzle. Unlocking mods provides strong benefits and is necessary to unlock several achievements.

Puzzle Edit

Spoiler warning: Solution details below

Gemcraft fw secret code

An example of achievement with code

36 achievements provide achievement codes after unlocking them. All such achievements have tag "Hidden Mod Key". These codes have to be combined to form secret mod keys.

The hint how to combine these keys can be found in credits in main menu.


Game credits. Notice key to secret mod puzzle below

Each secret mode code is combined from 3 achievement codes.

  • First code should start with 1 and share 2 last digits with second code.
  • Second code should share first 2 digits with first code and last 2 with third code
  • Third code should share first 2 digits with second code and end with 1

After completing a secret code, player may enter it using buttons on the bottom of world map, which becomes visible after beating field E4J.

List of mods Edit

  • Horizontally flipped fields
  • Vertically flipped fields
  • Monster egg hunt
  • Wealthy monsters
  • Omnibeacons
  • Green blood
  • Explosive orblets
  • Spell preparation
  • Wasp filled shells
  • Gray trees
  • Heavy Weather
  • Deep learning gems

See also Edit

Secret code calculator

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