Shrines are a feature introduced with Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity). They aren't buildable in Gemcraft 0 and Gemcraft 2, but they are buildable in Gemcraft Labyrinth. Gems can be dropped into Shrines, sacrificing the gem, resulting in various different effects. Usually, the higher level gem sacrificed, the greater the effect. They cannot be built on the path. They also cannot be demolished.

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

There are 8 different shrines in Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity). They have limited uses.

Type Description
Gem Transmute Transmutes every gem in your inventory with the inserted gem color (if the inventory is all filled up with the same color, it won't transmute).
Armor Piercing Reduces the armor of the monsters that are hit by the shrine (depends on grade gem to be more powerful).
Charged Bolts Releases short range bolts that crawl towards their targets.
Special Damage Grants an amplified debuff to many monsters in the field, based on the color of the inserted gem. The only colors accepted by this shrine are Poison, Slow and Shock.
Experience Adds an amount of total experience and multiplier, depends on how many monsters the shrine has hit, and the respective grade gem is inserted (5% per gem grade, so Grade 1 give 5%, Grade 2 gives 10%...).
Anger Saps half of your mana and releases shots against every monster in the field. The damage depends on mana sapped.
Mana Tap Increases your current mana by a percentage depending on the inserted gem grade, the maximum mana, and then further increases your mana depending on how much monsters it has affected.
Flash Beam Fires thunder beams in four directions. All monsters in the path are damaged.

In Gemcraft Chapter 0, whenever a Grade 6 or higher gem is sacrificed in a shrine, after the shrine's effects are activated, the shrine will unleash "shrine burst blasts" that randomly damage all monsters/buildings on the screen (similar to gem bombing). The number of shrine burst blasts depends on the Grade of the sacrificed Gem; Grade 6 gems will generate 5 shrine burst blasts, which will increase by 5 for each higher Grade (e.g. a Grade 12 gem will unleash 35 shrine burst blasts).

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

There are 2 different shrines in Gemcraft Labyrinth.

Both types of shrine will release a powerful strike, damaging each monster in range for a ratio of its hit points. The damage ratio is 2% times the grade of the gem sacrificed, capped at 90% (to avoid having shrines that instantly kill everything in their range). On top of this attack, there is a second attack:

Type Description
Charged Bolt Shrine Releases short range bolts that crawl towards their targets.
Lightning Shrine Fires thunders in four directions.

Gemcraft Chapter 2 (Chasing shadows) Edit

There are nine types of shrines in Gemcraft Chapter 2, each based on one of the nine gem colors. Each shrine deals damage to all hit enemies, ignoring armor and shield, in addition to a special effect. A random type of shrine can be built via the spark of Shrine Scroll, but Gem Enhancement Shrine cannot.

Type Description Fixed Locations
Gem Enhancement Shrine Adds to the maximum damage of inserted gem, returns gem to you. C3, H2, J1, U4 (×2), V5, W5
Shrine of Blades Cuts a percentage of the current hit points of all hit enemies. A2, C3, E4, H6, Q2, U7, V6, V8 (×3), W3, W5, X4, X6
Shrine of Corrosion Removes armor from each hit enemy. C3, H6, I2, L2, R1
Shrine of Energy Gives mana for each hit enemy. G4, I3, J4
Shrine of Focus Adds charge to spells after all hit enemies. C3, H2, N7, O4, R1, W3, X4, X6
Shrine of Infection Hit enemies stop healing for a certain amount of time. E5, H6, O4, X6
Shrine of Time Hit enemies slow to half speed for 30 seconds. G3, J4, L5, X6
Shrine of Venom Deals poison damage over 30 seconds. A5, E5, G4, L5, Q2, R1, W3, X4, X6
Shrine of Wisdom Gives experience after each hit enemy. A5, C3, G3, H6, Q2, V5, W3, X4, X6


  • Charged Bolt Shrines, and Flash Beam Shrines (Lightning Shrines in Gemcraft Labyrinth) in Gemcraft Chapter 0, and Gemcraft Labyrinth, have the same usage.
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