Specters are corrupted apparitions that serve the Forgotten. They first appear in Gemcraft Chapter 2.

GC2 Specter

A Specter, as seen in Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

Specters are flying attacking creatures, along with Spires and Shadows. They are magenta in color, and travel towards the most valuable gem on the field (though they don't steal gems in traps). If you unsocket that gem, it will go to the next gem with the highest mana value. It is unknown how they choose gems that are tied for highest value (they probably head for the closest gem of highest value). You need to kill any remaining specters to complete the field. They award XP, Shadow Cores, and Mana upon destruction.


  • You can "juggle" a specter by changing the location of the most valuable gem on the field. The specter will move back and forth between the two locations, making it easy prey for your defenses.
  • Specters have the max same mana limit as the Apparitions: 99999.
  • Be careful when unsocketing a gem, and choosing which gem to unsocket, as specters steal the highest graded gem.
  • Specters can also be killed with gem bombs and shrines, but not with traps.
  • Specters' health grows with the monsters', reaching enormous amounts in later levels.
  • You can't finish a field until all specters are killed.
  • Specters can be frozen using the freeze spell. Use this spell and a gem enchantment spell to take them down quickly.
  • You can score "Don't Touch my Gems!" achievement by killing a Specter, and "Gem Lust" achievement by killing two Specters in one battle. There is also an achievement called "I Told You..." awarded by killing a Specter that carries a gem. The other achievements involving Specters are "Not So Fast"(unlocked by freezing a Specter) and Multikill (kill one Shadow, one Spire and one Specter in one battle).

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