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*Shielded / Highest Armor
*Shielded / Highest Armor
*Least HP
*Least HP

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Available starting from Gemcraft Labyrinth and later games, Target Priority allows players to fine tune specific gems (and pylons for Frostborn Wrath) on the field to target specific hostiles. Each gem starts with a default priority of the ones Nearest to Orb. One can change the target priority of a gem by holding right click on a gem and drag to select a priority.

List of Possible Target PrioritiesEdit

There are 8 possible target priorities to choose from, ordered clockwise.

  • Nearest to Orb
  • Swarmlings
  • Giants
  • Random
  • Structures (for targeting beacons / sleeping hives) (not available for pylons in Frostborn Wrath)
  • Highest Banishment Cost / Specials / (added in Chasing Shadows and Frostborn Wrath) Carrying Orblet
  • Shielded / Highest Armor
  • Least HP
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