Transmutation is one of the game mechanics in Gemcraft Chapter 0.


Usage Edit

Gem transmutation is used to obtain more gems of the desired color, up to three changed gems per one transmuting gem. To do this, the following things are needed:

  • Transmuting Gem - One pure gem of desired color, equal or higher in grade than Transmuted Gems
  • Transmuted Gems - Up to three pure gems different in color and equal or lower in grade than Transmuting Gem

Transmutation is done by gem bombing the transmuted gems with the transmuting gem of desired color in the inventory. All eligible gems in the bombed horizontal line will then change their color to the one of a sacrificed gem.

This can be used if you want to maintain pure or dual gem bonuses, because normally the gems are spawned randomly. It can also be used to multiply the quantity of gems in inventory that aren't natural to this level.

Appearance Edit

Gem transmutation appears in Gemcraft Chapter 0. It does not appear in newer releases, being superseded by much more efficient and easier Gem Duplicating and Gem Upgrading.

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