aka Francis

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is (Currently) A High School Student
  • I am Male

Hello,I will always go here to this wiki.As my rank,Im not a Administrator of the wiki.

My favorite gamesEdit

  • 1.Gemcraft Labyrinth
  • 2.Gemcraft Chapter 2
  • 3.Gemcraft Chapter 0

My Numbers Edit

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

(Updated Everyday)

I quitted hacking and got to Armor games.I bought the Sorcerer's Package for 4.99 from my credit card,which was my gift from getting high scores at my Tests at school.I replayed levels to endurance of certain more waves with Giant monsters or Armored monsters which gave me so much xp.I truly did not hack on the Armor games version.No more grade 1018 but in the future,i will use high-grade gems but not around 1018 anymore.My level is enough for Field G7 but i have'nt came to J4 and D4 fields.Never mind my hacks from the past.I dont wanna hack anymore.I improved my behavior.:D  I am preparing to warp into the experts.Well i finished G7 in just around 9 minutes :D,At around Level 210 I MAXED OUT ALL SKILLS EXCEPT THE 3 UNLIMITED SKILLS WITHOUT CHEATING!!:D

Level Total XP Fields Explored Amulets achieved
190 2,895,380 156/169 82/141

At the Last day of august 4:09pm,I used Endurance,Armored only and Quadruple setting to test my endurance at G13.I created YOL gems on traps with amplifiers beside them then I was able to make a Grade 11 and 12 gems around wave 150.Well i expanded my mana pool to 587102 with Purple gem Traps  with amplifiers on the Center of the field ,Then i started banishing the monsters around wave 210 but my mana stays too high and full for long time,Well UNTIL....Im ending the enduranec on Wave 250 cuz its too much and takes too much times well my results:

I GOT 36630 xp only MY BEST RECORD WAS 47969 by Giants Tenfold quadruple endurance and all except shadow clash D:

I did it without cheating and I unlocked M1.Well I did not level up cuz I did not beat my best record,I was Level 212 when i atempted to do that.:D

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