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Hello, I am Leven Thumps. I am the administrator for the Gemcraft Wiki. I did not found this wiki. I just stumbled upon it. I hope to make this wiki the greatest it can, and to help people enjoy the Gemcraft game series, or to get interested in the series.

Right now, it's pretty much just a one-person wiki, so I would appreciate all help I can get. Like everyone else, I am eagelry anticipating Gemcraft Chapter 2


This is a list of all the templates I have made or modified for this wiki


This is mainly to give me easy access to my sandboxes, but if you would like to know what I am working on, you can find out below.


Sandbox A

To-Do List

To-Do List

  • Create wave stats for all Fields in Gemcraft Labyrinth
  • Create a navigation template for all skills
  • Create a navigation template for all Levels
  • Create a navigation template for all Amulets
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