There needs to be an in-game timeline of events, if there hasn't been already. Now there isn't an official span of years that I know of. Please feel free to correct me on that, or anything that needs correcting in this timeline.

  • The practice of summoning demons to enslave them is carried out by wizards.
  • The Forgotten is accidentally summoned in Field P1 a.k.a. Field V2 during a botched ritual.
  • No way is found to actually defeat her, so the wizards seal her away with the fabled Gem of Eternity.
  • A wizard -- let's call him Chapter 0 Wizard -- is driven by curiosity, greed and possibly stupidity, leading to the events of Chapter 0. He seeks to covet the Gem of Eternity for himself. However, removing the Gem of Eternity unseals the Forgotten, who then possesses him.
  • At some unknown point in time, Chapter 1 Wizard builds the Scythe Gate as a trap.
  • Chapter 1 Wizard sets out on an adventure to take down this wizard who was possessed by the Forgotten. His plan is to lure her to possess him, go towards the Spiritforge (the last bastion of wizardry) and have himself knocked out at the Scythe Gate, separating the two entities from each other. His plan works flawlessly.
  • Meanwhile, after finishing wizard school, another wizard -- Labyrinth Wizard -- takes it upon himself to enter the Labyrinth, which has been all but deserted ever since monsters came in. The area used to be inhabited; it is now a ghost town.
  • Labyrinth Wizard defeats the Grand Shadow and crafts a new Gem of Eternity.
  • The Gem of Eternity passes to a new Gembearer. It is unknown if Labyrinth Wizard is the actual Gembearer, or if someone else has been appointed to bear it.
  • Chapter 1 Wizard sets out on a new adventure to try and find the new Gem of Eternity, starting the events of Chapter 2.
  • He finds the Gembearer dead in Field T1, and what he thinks to be the Gem of Eternity next to him. Unfortunately, it isn't the Gem of Eternity, but a replica. The Forgotten left it there so that Chapter 1 Wizard could play right into her hands. Meanwhile, the real Gem of Eternity was in her possession.
  • With the replica in his hands, and the other five replicas in various different fields, Chapter 1 Wizard forces open the gates of the Spiritforge, and the Forgotten sends shadows in to attack it.
  • Chapter 1 Wizard discovers the actual Gem of Eternity in a different field -- the Forgotten was so complacent as to drop it when attacking the Spiritforge.
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