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* C3: Hatred Trait
* C3: Hatred Trait
* F2: Strength In Numbers Trait
* F2: Strength In Numbers Trait

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Overview Edit

Wizard Stashes are the effective successor to Tome Chambers from Chasing Shadows. They are found in certain fields and are often hidden until the field can be replayed in Endurance mode.

They contain various prizes ranging from shadow cores, talisman fragments, skill tomes, and battle traits. They have varying amounts of hitpoints, armor, and/or shields. To keep the prize in journey mode, the battle must be won. If the stash appears in Endurance Mode, they must be destroyed before either the end of the current maximum endurance wave number or the orb is destroyed.

If a field with a previously opened stash is replayed, the stash can be destroyed entirely but has many more hitpoints than before.

Some stashes contain secret field tokens. For example, T3 on Endurance has a hidden token for T5. Some also may appear on journey fields only after the field is won the first time.

For high armor stashes, use bolt spells. For stashes with high shields, use beam spells. Bolts bypass armor and beams chip shield very rapidly.

List of Stashes with Unique Prizes Edit

  • W1: Orb of Presence Skill
  • X4: Beam Spell
  • Q1: Bolt Spell
  • V1: Overcrowd Trait
  • V4: Amplifiers
  • U3: Pylons
  • T1: Lanterns
  • T3: Field T5
  • T4: Swarmling Parasites Trait
  • S2: Haste Trait
  • S4: Traps
  • Y1: Swarmling Domination Trait
  • Y4: Map Tile Z, Field Z1
  • Z1: Insulation Trait
  • Z5: Mana Leech Skill
  • P1: Poison Skill
  • P4: Giant Domination Trait
  • O2: Corrupted Banishment Trait
  • R3: Adaptive Carapace Trait
  • R4: Resonance Skill
  • M3: Barrage Spell
  • N3: Armor Tearing Skill
  • N5: Slowing Skill
  • L3: Demolition Skill
  • K1: Dark Masonry Trait
  • J1: True Colors Skill
  • J4: Vital Link Trait
  • G3: Whiteout Skill
  • H3: Thick Air Trait
  • H4: Ice Shards Skill
  • I2: Awakening Trait
  • E2: Fury Skill
  • E4: Map Tile I, Field I1
  • D1: Ritual Trait
  • D5: Seeker Sense Skill
  • C3: Hatred Trait
  • F2: Strength In Numbers Trait
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